Mig Investment ‘s Victim

April 23, 2020
Provided by One of the Investor named Mr Choong

In English Translation

I’m the victim of which scam in MIG? I voted for one of MIG’s Pre Lelong projects called Creative Property Management. How did I get stuck in the game? In fact, this is the case in my case. At first MIG came into contact with me by binding Bigfoot Chinese lecturers to do funnel entrances. MIG then built its two Governor director, Dato Stanley Wong and Dato Brian Wee, into Tuitor, the brother who helped local students land, to provide “after-sales service.” As Chinese teachers call it, they also offer membership cards to repackage and localize the courses they have learned and add them to their membership card packages. In the private board, not only members can eat and drink for free, but also bring friends for free. And give you vouchers. for the rest of their business. MIG continues to run its own courses and private boards, ostensibly as if it were “worth it.” Give me money to keep going to class. In fact, this is the opportunity for MIG to gain my trust and continuously launch MIG investment projects. Now it looks like these are all tricks. There was some inspiration at the time, but now I feel like I paid to listen to MIG advertise and brag. MIG’s Wealth Manager will be off stage or after the class and keep making all sorts of illusions like its projects are selling well. I missed the chance to make money when I was late. I even got a message from wealth manager’s WhatsApp message at 11:00 in the evening that she had a new offer, and then she sent me another text message to tell me it was sold out. They’ll clear all your concerns before they lie to you. Even put Director Guarantee Clause in Agreement. What term sheet? I’ll sign you a Schedule note before signing agreement. To be form part of the agreement.. I won’t sign the contract for you until the money is posted. After signing the contract, they took it back and signed it for the two governors, and then they came and went to stamping.. I went there for three months as soon as I went. When I got my own copy back, I didn’t pay much attention to anything other than the names of the two governors and the date of birth of a few stamping. It was not until MIG did not serve his contractual obligations under various pretexts that I went through the contract. A look at the page with Director Guarantee Clause doesn’t exist at all. The contract has also added the number of pages for no reason to make it seem that there has never been a page.

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