MIG Victim Investor Mr L

May 3, 2020

Date Particulars File Attached Whatsapp screenshot 25 March 2019 Transferred total 100k for MIG F & B Chain Sdn Bhd (50k for Fei Fei Crab肥肥蟹众筹) and Creative Property Management Sdn Bhd (50k for prelelong property Season Garden Service Apartment) Online bank in receipt
Prelelong Property Cfm Plan 28 March 2019 Transferred 5k to join as MIG Platinum Member, this was used to lure me in to enjoy extra 2% return on the 50k investment into Fei Fei Crab under MIG F & B Chain Sdn Bhd Official receipt 22 April 2019 Transferred 50k to Asset Network Venture Sdn Bhd for prelelong property Amaya Cheras Online bank in receipt
Prelelong Property Cfm Plan 25 April 2019 Asked for sample of SPA that seal between either Asset Network Venture SB or Creative Property Management SB with prospective buyer. My WhatsApp voice message with Chrystal that time was apparently seeing Stanley Wong voice, and they urged me to attend property courses which were given free, as Stanley will talk on this double SPA. (I blamed myself for not persistently pursue on this as they supposed to keep such SPA in the office to proof that they are really in the business of prelelong. In the case of those listed company, they are open for shareholder to walk into their office to examine any legal documents for whatever proposals that involved shareholders interests) Yes 02 Dec 2019 Asked for the refund of principle + return for prelelong property Season Garden Service Apartment, but was suggested to roll over the principle investment to another project and take out the interest portion by Chrystal. I refused. Subsequently Chrystal said this project was delayed. I commented that feeling uncomfortable with them as they told me there is delay only after I refused to roll over my principle investment amount. Yes 17 Jan 2020 A repayment schedule for Prelelong property Season Garden Service Apartment was suggested but never being fulfilled. Yes 16 March 2020 I told Chrystal doubting on the genuineness of the Season Garden Service Apartment being sold as informed by them in the earlier message, as I did not see any full refund of my invested principle + return. (My thought is they might not even invested in such prelelong project, or, they had sold it but roll over the money to their other financial big holes). No response on this comment Yes 14 April 2020 Another letter did not specify on any investment projects, just told MIG is having financial difficulties to repay all investment and asked for more times to fulfil their obligation under respective agreements that being entered into with the investors. Letter Yes

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