March 19, 2020


This group founded by two scammers Stanley Wong Kwueh Lin (Many call him Faker) and Brian Wee Shiong Han (Most call him Manipulator)

Is luring people and new investors to invest in their company projects.

One shall be aware of the accountabilities and credibilities of their personality and their projects.


1. WECONNECT APP (Useless app, outdated and have not been updated since September 2017, Oh My Goodness)

2. Funmaii (More outlets will be closing soon due to loss)

3. FunVendingMachine (can’t see the existence of this machine throughout Malaysia as mentioned by them)

4. WPAY (halted as they are complying with Security Commissioner of Malaysia, suspect that they used this method as an excuse)

5. Property Investments (sounds fishy, they are using their old grandmother story / tactics which is not relevant to current market)

None of their Projects are successful. Can’t even generate sustainable profit.
Hence, one shall wonder how they are able to return the Promised Return of Investment to their investors.

Perhaps they are using ponzi method.
Using new investment money from their new investors
(hopefully you are not going to be one and I am sorry if you are one of them)
to pay out to their investors.
If numerous investors withdraw their investment at once or no investors invest the scheme will fall!!!

For those that had invested in their investment projects.
Make sure you withdraw all your investments once your contract ended.
And pray to god that they are able to pay out to you without giving any excuse, craps or trying to lure you again to reinvest your hard earned money into their other projects.
Remember you are investing in a grey area.

The RISK is even HIGHER when you are investing into these two inexperienced bozos which think they are successful entrepreneurs.
They are using the Money from their investors to buy luxury cars, enjoy luxurious lifestyle and create fake successful entrepreneurship in order to lure and fool more investors / victims!

Twice thrice! Be wise. Be Aware!

More will be revealed soon.
Stay tune.
For those that are looking forward to invest in their projects.
Good Luck.

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