I got scam by MIG Group via Healthland Investment SCAM Project

May 25, 2021

2 years ago, I signed up to Healthland massage package as it was affordable and the massage is good. After a while, they invite members to join some talks on the future growth. I attended the session and they had an investment plan where you can invest RM30k, RM50k or RM100k into the company for their growth. I saw the growth at that time as there were many Healthland outlet keep opening. As of now, there are still 35 Healthland outlets.

I invested RM30k with a return of 20% after 2 years and RM5000 worth of Healthland voucher. The agreement is with a company called Healthland Capital Berhad.

When I contacted the director early this year to claim back my preference share as it is due, the person tells me that the money I invested is actually for Future of Wellness (, a somewhat related company to Healthland. This Future of Wellness is now closed and apparently all my money is now GONE!! The director that was in charge with Future of Wellness have now left Healthland (massage division) and move on to do something else. So Healthland Massage have nothing to do with this.

I went and did some check from SSM on the company and there were about 42 investors like me and the company is still active. Unfortunately there is no financial information because the company did not file it with SSM.

I try to clarified this with the director and she say that they did not want to close it because it will be close via a lawsuit of the subsidiary company by one of the contractors and there is no point filing financials because they are closing down anyway.

So, I am stuck on what I can do as I do not know if there is still money in Healthland Capital Berhad.

I have now sent the letter of demand via registered mail to the registered address of Healthland Capital Berhad but not sure if I should proceed further as winning the lawsuit against a company with debts just incurred more expenses to me.

Above article is provided by one of the victim – Mr W

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  • I invested 30k and now everything is gone. The 3 masterminds, Patrick Wee Kok Han, the fake dato brian wee and Stanley walk away free and rich.

    This Patrick wee went on and start Clinic Rui. Could be another con job.

    Be careful with this 3 con man.

    victim of a MIG scam and Healhland
    July 23, 2021 4:48 am Reply
  • Hi, I am a liquidator. I have done a lot of investigation on MIG group of companies and I am sure I can help to recover some of your money. This company has a lot of assets, if you want let’s do it quickly before its too late. Please contact me at 013-3309188

    mama jama
    November 11, 2021 3:40 am Reply

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